Sarajevo extends its CineLink Talks

Friday 11 August, 2017

Expanding its TV Drama section, the leading Balkan festival is also due to focus on regional funding, virtual reality, marketing and the preservation of history


Sarajevo Film Festival will be expanding even more during its CineLink Industry Days with the well-recognised CineLink Talks section. The focuses of the programme’s dedicated seminars, masterclasses and panel discussions are TV dramas, Virtual Reality, film funding, marketing and investigating the past. The programme is due to take place from 12 to 16 August at Hotel Europe.


After its initial launch last year, CineLink Drama has become one of the leading subjects in the Talk sessions. In partnership with MIDPOINT, which is also holding its final and third MIDPOINT TV LAUNCH workshop in Sarajevo, the Talks session will focus on all the necessary elements of script development, pitching and financing. HBO will also be presenting its new series as well as local station RTS.

In the Regional Forum, which is the most specialised funding section, film funds from South-East Europe as well as key players, such as some major German funds, will provide an in-depth exploration of the future of co-production and collaboration in the cinema industry.


Last year Sarajevo started a VR initiative that is due to expand this year with Virtual Reality Days, a series of workshops with VR experts due to explore the creation of cinematic VR content, the role of VR in storytelling kits as well as Augmented Reality. All sessions are due to take place at the Networks creative space.


The Avant Premiere Lab, running over two days, from 13 to 14 August, will focus on the newest forms of exhibition, distribution and film marketing in collaboration with Europa Cinemas, Rotterdam International Film Festival, and local players such as Kinodvor. Mestni Kino., CineArte and Pari Pikule.


The Dealing with the Past section (13 to 14 August) will shed some light on topics relating to war in former Yugoslavia, also paying tribute to Joshua Oppenheimer. In parallel, the second edition of True Stories Market will present nine cases that have not been yet presented in films or on TV, with the aim of researching the subject of war in the 1990s.


Jovan Marjanović, Head of Industry at Sarajevo Film Festival, stated: “CineLink Talks provides a stage for us to present a rich and diverse programme for everyone, from the young filmmaker to the experienced professional, on topics ranging from creative development to public policy. Our aim is to offer inspiration to the regional and wider industry, as well as providing training, capacity-building and knowledge-sharing.”


Source: Cineuropa