María José Barriola talks wih Glocal Cinema

Friday 9 June, 2017


María José Barriola Baraibar is an agronomist and responsible for the area of wood TKNIKA, a research and innovation center for professional training. She directed the film "Gutik zura" which aims to socialize the importance of wood in Basque society.




Glocal Cinema: Why did you decide to film the movie in Basque?

María José Barriola: We decided to shoot the film in euskara as Basque is the mother tongue for the characters we work with.


GC: Because the film is in Basque, has it been difficult or easy for you to find producers and international distributors?

MJB: The market is reduced and it’s diffusion is much more complicated, especially at a state level. However, in terms of its internationalization, there are more facilities for having done it in Basque.


GC: What can a network like Glocal do for the visibility of your film?

MJB: It would facilitate the diffusion of films. It offers the possibility of working together. It would approach the producers and professionals of our audiovisual sector. For a project as small as ours it can be a great support after all.