Glocal in Progress has changed its Industry Award Rules

Tuesday 13 June, 2017

The Glocal in Progress Industry Award aims to contribute to the completion of a European feature produced in non-hegemonic language.

For this edition, the fourth point of the bases of the contest has been modified. Thus, Nephilim Producciones, S.L. Will sign with the winner of the prize a co-production contract so that the winning film can obtain Spanish nationality and thus promote its commercialization in Spain.

Under this agreement, Nephilim Producciones will be the audiovisual co-producer of the film with full rights over it and will obtain 100% of the film rights in the territories of Spain exclusively and Andorra in a non-exclusive way.

If the winning film had been produced by a Spanish producer, Nephilim Producciones would obtain a percentage to be defined of the world rights of the film, including Spain.