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Joxean Muñoz


Basque Country Data



GDP / Head

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Main priorities of your organization

Elaborate plans to support and develop the cultural sector in the Basque Country.

FUNDS: scripts, development, production (short films, animation, feature, documentaries), promotion, dubbing/subtitling, support for exhibitors/cinema theatres, festivals

TYPE: feature films, short films, documentaries, animation, cross media-new platforms.

Do you already have programs/tools/agreements with other partners/regions/countries to support the visibility and ezchange of your films?

Etxepare Institute: Basque Regional Agency  to promote abroad the Basque Country culture, creativity and language. The Instituto Etxepare´s has some financing Calls to promote the Basque culture (travel grants for cinema, grants for participation in professional markets) and has also agreements with universities abroad.

General data/information on the audiovisual sector in your sphere of influence

Annual Budget (funds: Basque government + public television) 7.500.000€

  • Number of productions (2011)
  • Feature films: 20
  • Documentaries: 73
  •  TV-movie: 10
  • Series: 11
  • Cinemas: 66
  • Screens: 177
  • Total assistance: 4,1M
  • Number of released films: 623

Do you think that you have tools/programs that can support the goals of our working groups?

Zineuskadi: Platform for the promotion of Basque and European films, being one of its main programs Zinema Euskaraz and FilmAzpit.

Zinema Euskaraz (Cinema in Basque): make films in Basque available to the public. Lines of actions: theatrical and DVD releases DVD releases, funds for subtitling/dubbing into Basque, special actions in schools.

FilmAzpit: a program that selects films, acquire their rights and subtitle them in order to make them available for non-profit institutions.

ETB: Basque Public Television participating in co- productions of Basque films as well as buying TV rights.

Etxepare Institute

Eiken: Cluster of the audiovisual sector.

Langune: Cluster of the language industries

Cooperation/collaboration/ participation frameworks in european and international sphere

  • Creative Europe Media Desk
  • Cine-regio
  • Zineuskadi
  • San Sebastian International Film Festival
  • Etxepare Institute
  • Film Commissions (San Sebastian, Bilbao, Vitoria)
  • Donostia 2016: European Capital of Culture
  • Producers associations
  • Association of cinema theaters

Main needs regarding positioning yourself in the european and international sphere

  • More visibility in Europe
  • Access to distribution circuits
  • Access to other European TV platforms
  • Exchange opportunities also for our cultural agents

As for the proposal promoted by the basque government basque audiovisual fund to set up a forum and a circuit of spaces and contacts to support placing films and professionals in smaller languages or european countries, ehat are your specific proposals?

  • A mapping/catalogue or lines of work and tools that can be shared
  • A joint strategy to brand filmographies in other languages
  • Circuits for our films
  • A formal network or working group