Thomas Gammeltoft


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GDP / Head

Official language

Danish, Faroese, Greendandinc


Main priorities of your organization

PURPOSE: invest in international and Danish film and TV productions, to be produced in their member municipalities. Primarily invests in international productions of high artistic merit with Danish co-producers, or Danish projects with substantial international financing and distribution in place.

FUNDING PROGRAMS: production for featured films, TV-drama, documentaries and animation. In special cases the Fund may invest in postproduction. It is not possible to apply to the Fund for investments in script, development and financing costs.

Applications are processed on an ongoing basis and processing will usually take a maximum of four weeks.

Do you already have programs/tools/agreements with other partners/regions/countries to support the visibility and ezchange of your films?

Creative Europe MEDIA Desk

General data/information on the audiovisual sector in your sphere of influence

Founded in 2013. Focal point: the whole Capital Region BUDGET: 4,7M (3 years 2013-2016)

Annually, each krone invested creates an added value of 3,2-5,8 kroner directly in the film industry and related businesses.

It is estimated, that up to 75% of the productions that the fund have attracted to date would not have come to Denmark without the fund’s investment.


  • Number of feature films produced: 21
  • Number of documentaries produced: 27
  • Number of co-productions min/maj.: maj. 3 / min. 10
  • Total admissions: 12,2M
  • National Market Share: 29%
  • Screens total: 406
  • Ticket average price: 8.7€
  • 158 cinemas

Major national film funds: Danish Film Institute, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Copenhagen Film Fund

Do you think that you have tools/programs that can support the goals of our working groups?

Cooperation/collaboration/ participation frameworks in european and international sphere

  • DanskeDramatikere
  • Nordisk Film
  • FilmGEAR
  • Engelbrecht Construction
  • Dansk Skuespillerforbund
  • Kamera Udlejningen
  • Magic Hour films
  • Filmstationen
  • Fridthjof film
  • Redrental aps
  • Danske Danish Film Directors Instructorer
  • Faf
  • Producent Foreningen
  • Region Hovedstaden
  • Made in Copenhagen

Main needs regarding positioning yourself in the european and international sphere

As for the proposal promoted by the basque government basque audiovisual fund to set up a forum and a circuit of spaces and contacts to support placing films and professionals in smaller languages or european countries, ehat are your specific proposals?