Tor Vadseth


Norway Data



GDP / Head

Official language

Norwegian, Sami, Kyen


Main priorities of your organization

Independent regional center for short and documentary films.

Established in 1981.

FUNDS: Development, production, training and scholarships, young talents.

TYPE: Documentaries, animation (if short), short films, cross media/new platforms (when connected to the one above)

Three deadlines per year, applicants who are not registered in the Norwegian Business Register will need a Norwegian co-producer (preferably in the region)

Do you already have programs/tools/agreements with other partners/regions/countries to support the visibility and ezchange of your films?

On national level, but not formal agreements on regional level. We have a close cooperation with Filmpool Nord in Swedish Lapland

General data/information on the audiovisual sector in your sphere of influence

BUDGET: 1.260.000€(2015) 1.300.000(estimate 2016)

Number of productions (premieres 2014):

  • Shorts: 14
  • Documentaries: 7 (3 international co-prod. minority)


  • 11.8M cinema admissions(2013) 2.7M to Norwegian films
  • 57M NOK export of Norwegian films (2012)
  • Average ticket price (2013): 11.1€
  • Number of feature films produced: 35
  • Number of documentaries produced: 4
  • National Market Share: 24,5 %

Do you think that you have tools/programs that can support the goals of our working groups?

We are able to enter co-productions (documentaries), and have a close co- operation with film festivals in our area.

Cooperation/collaboration/ participation frameworks in european and international sphere

  • Norwegian film institute (The Film Institute represents Norway in the European co-production fund EURIMAGES and in the European Audiovisual Observatory.)
  • The International Sámi Film Institute (operates in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.)

Main needs regarding positioning yourself in the european and international sphere

We look for better opportunities to exchange films, both for public screenings and festivals.

As for the proposal promoted by the basque government basque audiovisual fund to set up a forum and a circuit of spaces and contacts to support placing films and professionals in smaller languages or european countries, ehat are your specific proposals?

The network in Cine-Regio is a good starting-point for making a program.

It is important that an initiative is concrete, and that we can launch a test project, i.e an exchange of films between festivals under a specific label.