Laufey Gudjonstdottir


Iceland Data



GDP / Head

Official language



Main priorities of your organization

Icelandic Film Centre - Established in 2003, first Film Fund est. 1979

  • Financial support for the production and co-production
  • Promote Icelandic films abroad
  • Arrange Icelandic films weeks and retrospectives around the world.
  • Support film festivals in Iceland and arrange film weeks, seminars and other events.
  • Promote the program that allows 20% tax reimbursements for film and TV production costs.
  • FUNDS: Script, development, production, post-production, promotion.
  • TYPE OF FILMS: feature films, documentaries, short films and TV fiction

Do you already have programs/tools/agreements with other partners/regions/countries to support the visibility and ezchange of your films?

  • Co-production agreement with Canada and bi-lateral co-production agreements with Britain and France. Member of Nordic Film and TV Fund, Eurimages, Creative Europe, European Film Promotion, Scandinavian Films,
  • Promote Iceland/Film-in-Iceland.

General data/information on the audiovisual sector in your sphere of influence

ANNUAL BUDGET: €4.3m (for 2014, changes annually)

  • Number of feature films, including minority co-productions and documentaries 15
  • Admissions: 1.34 million
  • National market share: 11.0%
  • Cinemas: 15
  • Screens total: 40
  • Total films released: 161
  • Local films released: 7
  • Average ticket price: €8
  • Total assistance: 4,1M
  • Assistant per inhabitant: 1,9 (2013)
  • Number of released films: 623

Do you think that you have tools/programs that can support the goals of our working groups?

Cluster of filmmakers in Iceland, Public TV, Art House Cinema, Film Festival, School Cinema. All to be further explored and confirmed.

Cooperation/collaboration/ participation frameworks in european and international sphere

Creative Europe Program of the European Union, of Eurimages, the European fund of the council of Europe based on the European Convention, and the Nordisk Film & TV Fond. Iceland is also party to a co-production agreement with Canada and bi-lateral co-production agreements with Britain and France.

  • Film in Iceland/Promote Iceland
  • Reykjavik International Film Festival
  • Stockfish European Film Festival in Reykjavik
  • Reykjavik International Children’s Film Festival
  • Nordisk Panorama
  • Cinekid for Professionals

Main needs regarding positioning yourself in the european and international sphere

More visibility in theaters, VOD’s as well as positioning in new distribution platforms. Strengthen the ‘findability’ of films in new distribution era.

Increase mobility of professionals.

As for the proposal promoted by the basque government basque audiovisual fund to set up a forum and a circuit of spaces and contacts to support placing films and professionals in smaller languages or european countries, ehat are your specific proposals?

A formal network and working group. Make sure the ‘small’ languages are heard in European collaboration, both funding and distribution.

A joint strategy to brand filmographies in other languages and new distribution platforms.