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Main priorities of your organization

Distribute the national film production budget. Divided in three departments: production, marketing and heritage.

First and foremost, to remain approachable to all the filmmakers, make sure that Estonian film is and will be the pride of Estonian culture and last but not least - to evolve with time and make Estonian film more visible and competitive on the international arena.

SUPPORT: script, development, production, distribution, transmedia, marketing, exhibition, film heritage, Film related academic research work, vocational training and film education activities, miscellaneous activities related to the promotion of film culture development.

TYPE OF FILMS: feature, animation, documentaries, high end mini TV series.

Do you already have programs/tools/agreements with other partners/regions/countries to support the visibility and ezchange of your films?

Creative Estonia aims to bring together different stakeholders and facilitate contact between creative professionals and businesses, policymakers, students and businesses from other sectors.

Two regional funds: Viru Film Foundation / Tartu Film Fund, a film foundation created as a joint project of local authorities. The purpose of the funds is to promote the creation of professional audio- visual works in the region, draw investments, and promote local regions in Estonia and abroad.

General data/information on the audiovisual sector in your sphere of influence

  • Annual state support for film: 7.3 MEUR
  • EFI annual budget: 5.4 MEUR
  • Gross box office: 12.754.114
  • Number of admissions: 2.600.077€
  • Market share of European films: 20.35%
  • Market share for Estonian films: 4,73 %
  • Average ticket price: 4,9€
  • 21 domestic cinema premieres, including feature length documentaries and co-productions.
  • Domestic film produced: 6
  • Screens: 78
  • Digital screens: 36

Do you think that you have tools/programs that can support the goals of our working groups?

Yes. EFI supports TV co-productions, subsidies for distributors, film school.

Cooperation/collaboration/ participation frameworks in european and international sphere

  • Creative Europe MEDIA Desk
  • Baltic Film and Media school
  • Estonian Filmmakers Union
  • Black Nights Film Festival

Main needs regarding positioning yourself in the european and international sphere

More cooperation needed to create the trust needed for smooth partnerships.

As for the proposal promoted by the basque government basque audiovisual fund to set up a forum and a circuit of spaces and contacts to support placing films and professionals in smaller languages or european countries, ehat are your specific proposals?

To bring professionals together. Create a set of physical meetings and mingling events with purpose, and join FNE networks, if possible.