Strengthening the Film Industry
through the rich linguistic diversity
of Europe.

What is
Glocal Cinema?

A platform to reinforce the value of another cultural map of Europe, with the distribution and exhibition of films in languages other than the louder European ones.

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Slovak director/writer Marko Škop is in preproduction with the feature film Let There be Light / Nech je svetlo

Sunday 25 June, 2017

The film tells the story of a guest-worker in Germany, who discovers that back home in Slovakia his teenage son has become involved with a nationalistic group, when he is accused of bullying and killing a classmate at his high school. The father starts searching for the truth about what happened.

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Glocal in Progress has changed its Industry Award Rules

The Glocal in Progress Industry Award aims to contribute to the completion of a European feature produced in non-hegemonic language.

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José Luis Rebordinos talked with Cineuropa about Glocal in Progress

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Poland and Lithuania sign a cooperation agreement

The Polish Film Institute and the Lithuanian Film Centre to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries.

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